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big sur hat

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Those narrow lanes up Highway 1, watching the sea embrace the cliffs under an enchanting fog and the scent of early morning dew amongst the redwood, oak and sycamore trees, the air is clean yet filled of mysterious wonder, ancient wisdom and modern amazement, waterfalls that feel untouched but inclusive, this is a place of adventure, for seekers and students of nature, ancestral history and spiritual connection, this is indeed about the journey but the destination is quite heavenly. Hello from Big Sur.

Wayward & Free has always been about that connection to home, creating pieces that are inspired by it brought us to this hat collection, the newest addition being the Big Sur Hat, inspired by the rugged yet beautiful coastal terrain. The Big Sur Hat features a willow/sage color hat body along with a hand dyed sand dune frayed silk ribbon, turquoise velvet band, cloud colored beads and finished with a feather as a reminder to always have the freedom to fly.

Big Sur Hat features

- 5” crown with a 3” curled brim

- Willow/Sage colored hat body

- hand dyed silk ribbon with turquoise velvet band, 

beaded rope and feather

Ready to ship size  7 3/8 . Please allow 4 - 6 weeks if ordering other sizes

made of fur felt in western weight.


6 3/4 approx 21 1/4” (small)

6 7/8 approx 21 5/8” (small)

7 approx 22” (medium)

7 1/8 approx 22 1/2” (medium)

7 1/4 approx 22 3/4” (large)

7 3/8 approx 23 1/8” (large)

7 1/2 approx 23 1/2” (xlarge)

7 5/8 approx 23 7/8” (xlarge)

7 3/4 approx 24 1/4” (xxlarge)

7 7/8 approx 24 5/8” (xxlarge)

*all hat sales are final, for any questions about sizing and how to measure for a perfect fit, feel free to message us through our contact page.

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