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dusk hat

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There’s a subtleness in how the day lends itself into night, on each end a stark awareness that change is due but in between there’s the cotton candy pink skies and orange hues illuminating the western landscape as the sun bids us not a goodbye; rather an until next time and the way the deep blues with the promise of a starry night approach us on the eastern front, isn’t it so magical how the light blues progress into dusk in a celestial bridge turning opposites into connection, not necessarily togetherness but creating a beauty amongst contrast by a tethered necessity. That dusk blue on its shoulders carrying the secret of peaceful transition, harmony, a cyclical melody of promise and awe, a wonderstruck security amongst the stargazers and sun seekers, a comforting embrace of the open skies.

The Wayward & Free Dusk Hat is all about that magical embrace between day and night, a monochromatic blue sliver in the sky. Featuring a dusk blue hat body and matching ribbon wrapped as an infinite connector around the crown of the hat. The hat is a classic piece, perfect for day and night, after all it is inspired by Dusk.

- dusk blue hat body and ribbon

- 5” crown with 3” brim

Ready to Ship size 7 1/8

For all other sizes allow 3 - 5 weeks 

made of fur felt.


6 3/4 approx 21 1/4” (small)

6 7/8 approx 21 5/8” (small)

7 approx 22” (medium)

7 1/8 approx 22 1/2” (medium)

7 1/4 approx 22 3/4” (large)

7 3/8 approx 23 1/8” (large)

7 1/2 approx 23 1/2” (xlarge)

7 5/8 approx 23 7/8” (xlarge)

7 3/4 approx 24 1/4” (xxlarge)

7 7/8 approx 24 5/8” (xxlarge)

*all hat sales are final, for any questions about sizing and how to measure for a perfect fit, feel free to message us through our contact page.

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