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  • How does Wayward & Free give back?
    We believe in wearing our kindness and in the individual ability to create solidarity, with each Wayward & Free T-shirt purchase you make, together, we donate 5% of the total sale to organizations that inspire and support kindness, freedom and fairness for all of us...our earth, our people, our animals.
  • Can I suggest an organization to donate to?
    Yes, please do! Let us know which organizations hold a special place in your heart and if their mission is similar to ours you just might get a message from us letting you know that we are in!
  • How about eco-friendly and ethical?
    We believe in doing our best to be responsible, ethical and sustainable. Our products are manufactured locally using less waste, less water and less energy. We believe in taking care of each other and the environment, we only work with ethical manufacturers that share the same values, that's what keeps us Wayward & Free.
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