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traveler hat

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There’s a connection that is carried by a traveler, one that ties together tradition and trailblazing, a past in the present and a future to be written. Cartography, the native tongue in the language of experience, the roadmap to success measured by the grains of sand in one’s shoes and all the wisdom carried in a simple tip of a hat.  The Wayward & Free Traveler Hat is a hat built for your next journey, a reminder to be inspired, inquisitive and to forge a path uniquely yours.

The Traveler Hat features a hand dyed rosehip and ivory silk ribbon and a unique hand beaded tie signifying the travels and experiences along the way. 

Traveler Hat features:

  • 5.5” rounded crown 
  • 3” brim
  • Silverbelly colored western weight fur felt 
  • Rose Hip and Ivory hand dyed ribbon
  • Hand beaded crystals, Italian onyx and wood beads

Ready to ship size 7 3/8, for all other sizes please allow 3-5 weeks.


6 3/4 approx 21 1/4” (small)

6 7/8 approx 21 5/8” (small)

7 approx 22” (medium)

7 1/8 approx 22 1/2” (medium)

7 1/4 approx 22 3/4” (large)

7 3/8 approx 23 1/8” (large)

7 1/2 approx 23 1/2” (xlarge)

7 5/8 approx 23 7/8” (xlarge)

7 3/4 approx 24 1/4” (xxlarge)

7 7/8 approx 24 5/8” (xxlarge)

*all hat sales are final, for any questions about sizing and how to measure for a perfect fit, feel free to message us through our contact page.

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